Dry Bags

If I had a pound for each time I have seen a rucksack cover blowing about behind a rucksack and not doing its job of keeping it covered and dry, or worse still a rucksack cover lost and alone and homeless, wandering aimlessly around the countryside ,riding the wind until it can find a place to lay itself down and become litter, then it’s fair to say that I  would have lots of pounds.  I ditched rucksack covers many years ago as they rarely do what they are supposed to do, those that do stay where they should usually require a high degree of “faff” and are still not a great solution.  I will give them some credit, they can be a great way to keep track of a DofE group under remote supervision especially if the group are all using a branded and brightly coloured rucksack cover.  But to keep the rucksack and its contents dry is not their strong point.

We use dry bags.  They have other benefits too.  Not only do they keep all the items in my rucksack dry, they come in various sizes and colours so they also keep everything organised.  Even on a hot dry summers day all my kit in my rucksack will still be in dry bags.  If I need to access something quickly I know where it is and I can get to it without any “faff”.  Being organised and not faffing is indeed a sure sign of a seasoned professional.  

If you want to keep your rucksack contents organised and dry then investing in some dry bags is the way to go.  We use Lifeventure dry bags and you can see more about them by watching my first ever product review from a few years ago by clicking here.

You can buy them direct from Lifeventure here.